SELECT: Engineering Student Leadership Program

What is SELECT?

SELECT (Student Engagement, Leadership Education, Career Training) is a program intended to help engineering students

  • Understand the specialized nature of leadership in the context of the profession of engineering
  • Create awareness of the skills necessary for personal and professional effectiveness and help students to develop these skills while in school, providing a head start on career development
  • Develop a leadership toolkit that can support success in the classroom, in student leadership roles, and in professional careers

SELECT is particularly beneficial for those who aspire to be engineering student leaders, and who want to develop their skills to maximize their contributions to extracurricular activities - clubs, teams and societies.  Students who want to develop leadership skills and apply these skills to project-based activities in the classroom will also benefit.

SELECT is a program designed for engineering students who are serious about professional development, and who want to challenge themselves to take on the responsibilities and complexities of leadership.  Students work through engineering leadership development exercises and problems, coached by engineering alumni and others who work with engineers.

SELECT is a fantastic opportunity to develop self-awareness, learn about building and working in effective teams, about how engineers lead in the workplace, and what engineering leaders need to know and need to do.  Most of all, it’s the opportunity to begin your own leadership journey in the company of your peers, and with the coaching and mentoring support of engineers and other professionals.


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JHE 216, 1280 Main Street West 
Hamilton, Ontario Canada L8S 4L7
Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 27082