SELECT Program - FAQ

1. I have no leadership experience as a university student. Can I still join?

Yes. Tier 1 is open to students with little to a lot of leadership experience at secondary and post-secondary settings. This is a place to grow deeper in self-awareness, meet students across levels and departments, be inspired by alumni and colleagues in professional fields, and assume different roles as SELECT members. There is something for everyone, as long as you are committed to the objectives of the program, and to each other - we are creating a community experience together. You are welcome to join at any year.

(Tier 2 is more selective. This Tier requires that members (students) bring in their own leadership projects for development, feedback, and exchange of peer learning. Tier 2 requires some leadership experience, preferably completion of Tier 1, and commitment to a substantial role as a student leader. Please consult the Program Coordinator for program eligibility and tailored learning plans.)


2. I have a lot of experience as a university student. Should I join?

If you are serious about developing your own leadership model, re-evaluating principles and practices, building strength in self-awareness and positively influencing your work with others from diverse backgrounds, yes! You have a lot to bring into the program, and that much more to make each session more valuable for practical applicaiton. We learn to challenge our misconceptions every day, and you may find the process enlightening, if not challenging. It is definitely rewarding to be mentoring and engaging younger students, too. You may be a good fit for both Tier 1 and Tier 2. If you have any questions before submitting the application form, please contact the Program Coordinator.


4. Is it recommended that I complete all modules within a year?

Yes. SELECT is designed to complement your leadership development, practiced through your extracurricular involvements. Each co-hort of SELECT members commit to leadership development endeavours throughout the year. Because of this, SELECT modules are not offered as stand-alone workshops open to public. SELECT modules are also designed to fit in a certain sequence, with an expected amount of facilitators' time / attention given to each student.  

While it is only four modules, our members have worked hard to make sure their schedules accommodated the four modules. Please talk to the Ambassadors if you need help or advice.


5. How can I become a SELECT Ambassador?

Talk to the current Ambassadors and/or the program staff to learn more about the Ambassador activities. Students in their first or second academic years can volunteer to be SELECT Interns, who work with various Ambassador projects on a short-term basis. As you get involved, we will offer you different opportunities to test your capabilities and team fit in discussion with you. Once a suitable Ambassador role/project has been identified, you and the rest of the team will begin planning the projects during Spring/Summer 2014 (in person or by distance).


6. How can I participate in SELECT Mentorship program?

Tier 1 members are automatically enrolled in the formal mentorship program. Graduates of Tier 1 and other experienced student volunteers work in pairs, and select 5-6 members from incoming Tier 1 applicants. Two mentors and five Tier 1 members will form an average Tier 1 Mentorship group. T1M groups meet four times a year (early October, early November, early January, early February); however, they are free to meet informally and encouraged to do so.

Students wishing to be serve as Tier 1 Mentors should contact the Program Coordinator or the Chair of SELECT Ambassadors: mac.eng.leadership[at]


7. What is an appropriate way to interact with the guest speakers / alumni facilitators?

Initiative and professionalism are always recommended. When approaching the facilitators during SELECT modules, prepare a short self-introduction and meaningful questions to ask. You are encouraged to take the opportunity to get to know the facilitators, develop an understanding of their work, and to invite other students to join the conversations. What we do not encourage: approaching the facilitators for job opportunities or preventing other students from getting to meet them during module breaks. Everything in SELECT are shared opportunities, and we support you in enhancing this shared experience.

If you represent a student group and would like to find out if the facilitators are interested in other student engagement opportunities, do prepare a business card. An information pamphlet about your group may also be useful.


8. Where can I interact / communicate with SELECT members outside modules?

You are encouraged to mingle and meet with everyone participating in SELECT. Upper year students are especially resourceful in introducing other students to engagement opportunities, i.e. events, club/team activities, community organisations. You will be given a chance to get to know each other during the Orientation, during the breaks in module sessions, and during Tier 1 Mentorship group sessions. Extend your curiosity to find out what people do outside the modules, and and plan to join each other!


9. What should I expect in the registration process? How do I prepare a deposit?

Completed submission of the online application form is the first step. For Tier 1, we have seats allocated to academic levels, and a number of seats reserved for departmental or MES club/team representation. We will fill the seats based on your academic level on a first-come-first basis (as long as your commitment to full participation is clear), and hold a waiting list until the application closes. If any reserved seats remain unfilled, those on the waiting list will be considered for these seats. Maximum capacity: 50 students per year.

For Tier 2, each participant has a substantial leadership project (e.g. club exec role, community project, volunteer responsibility in the Faculty of Engineering) that is approved by the SELECT program staff. Maximum capacity: 30 students per year.

Upon confirmation of your enrolment, please prepare a deposit of 40 CAD in a cheque made payable to: McMaster University. These deposits will be returned upon completion of each Tiers Leadership Certificate requirements, in March 2014.