What is SELECT?

SELECT's mission is two-fold:
1. Enhance vertical and horizontal integration of engineering students at the Faculty of Engineering and with local community
2. Accelerate capability development of engineering students to make impact in the industry and community as engineers

SELECT is a two-tier, module-based program designed specifically for Engineering students who work towards bringing positive change in their various team environments. The hands-on training exercises and real-time input from our facilitators (Engineering alumni and colleagues) help students receive fresh challenges, new insights, awareness and confidence to take on new challenges in their current university experience and future careers.

SELECT is both a program and a community. Our module instructors in the co-curricular component of SELECT are volunteer leaders from professional industries, who are deeply involved in the design and delivery of workshop modules. They connect us to the local communities outside campus, broaden our horizons and help us relate more profoundly to the people and processes in their industries. Student members commit to giving their best to the learning experience in the program as well as to building solid relationships with their peers, staff and faculty. Many SELECT members are Ambassadors and Peer Mentors who serve the student body through various initiatives housed in the Faculty of Engineering.


Student Feedback on Benefits of SELECT:

  • Deepened self-awareness and understanding of the complexity and diversity in team life
  • Better communication channels across Engineering student organisations and programs
  • Practical advice and tools from industry professionals, better understanding of engineering work
  • Enhanced effectiveness in engineering group projects and community engagement
  • Rewarding collaboration with the faculty/staff/students on initiatives
  • Better integration in the Faculty across departments and academic levels


Our Participant Demographics

  • 71 students enrolled in 2013-14 cohort (2012-13: 71 | 2011-12: 48)
  • Level I (11%), Level II (18%), Level III (49%), Level IV (18%) from both BEng and BTech & MASc (3%) students
  • 16 engineering clubs/teams represented (2012-13: 19 | 2011-12: 17)
  • 28 McMaster-wide student organisations represented (2012-13: 17 | 2011-12: 10)



Beginning September 2011, under the leadership of Dr. David Wilkinson, we began piloting an exciting new opportunity for undergraduate students at McMaster Engineering. Since then, the program continues to build on the core values of community, trust and empowerment. SELECT brings the alumni, colleagues, faculty and students together to empower Engineering students' growth in personal, team and community leadership. McMaster Engineering students have played major roles in the conception, development, research and implementation of this program. Ongoing consultations with our students and friends of Faculty of Engineering are reflected in the program evaluation and design.

Tier 1 with its four modules began their pilot in September 2011. Tier 2 was launched in September 2012, and its new four modules. September 2013 marks the first repeat of both Tiers with added peer mentorship structure, with 14 professionals as module facilitators.

In order to build student-staff relationship and create different leadership opportunities for SELECT members, Ambassador and Mentorship initiatives were piloted from Winter 2012. Continuing from the Ambassador meetings and internal presentations (independent resesarch) in Winter 2012, Ambassadors invited mentors from the local community to their regular meetings during 2012-13 academic year. Ambassadors have contributed to the program development through events, organisation, communication and research. For 2013-14 academic year, SELECT Ambassadors have taken the feedback from Tier 1 to develop and implement our first group mentorship structure.

SELECT members and friends have become an important part of first year success in the Faculty's new initiatives from the Associate Dean's (Academic) office and ENG 1 department. As Peer Mentors, the organising committee has been meeting regularly over the summer to develop session activities, organise multimedia / communication efforts, recruit and train volunteers. The first in-tutorial initiative with Dr. Robert Fleisig launches this September 2013. (MORE DETAILS)

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Presentation at the Canadian Engineering Education Association 2013 Conference: PPT


SELECT General Tier 1 Tier 2

Summer Overview of SELECT Activities: Rachelle's Log, May Report & July Report

Summer Visits to Industry Mentors, Community Activities: Student Reflections (also on our Facebook Page)

Peer Mentorship in ENG 1P03: Negin's Training Package, Project Plan & Report on Activities

SELECT Showcase & Recognition: March 8, 2014 (Lead: Michele D'Mello)

Global Engineering Conference (partnership with Engineers Without Borders): March 22, 2014 at McMaster

Tier 1 Orientation

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Mentorship Nights

Tier 2 Retreat/Orientation with SELECT graduates, McMaster Engineering alumni, and industry mentors: Itinerary

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Overview of Projects

Ambassador Activities: PAGE


SELECT members and graduates serve in many different organisations on and off-campus. For initiatives that involve SELECT office as a partner/resource, please contact the Program Coordinator for more details.

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