SELECT Ambassadors

SELECT Ambassadors have a significant role in developing and operating SELECT as a program and a team.

Local professionals and faculty generously give their input as mentors and advisors.

If you're serious about stepping out of your comfort zone, growing personally and professionally, building lasting friendships, and/or contributing to excellence in your environment, consider serving as a SELECT Ambassador next year! You can talk to current SELECT Ambassadors at:[at]

<Completed Ambassador Projects 2013-14>

SELECT Modules and Mentorship Nights
September 2013 - March 2014

ENG 1P03 Student Engagement Week
with Dr. Robert Fleisig's team
September 2013

Engineering 1 SUCCESS Initiative
with Associate Dean (Academic), Assistant Dean, and faculty from Science
January 2014

SELECT Recognition & Showcase
March 8, 2014
University Club, McMaster University
Ambassadors and Tier 1 Mentors are helping our Tier 1 members present their growth and achievements as leaders this year!

Global Engineering Conference
March 22, 2013 (Saturday)
McMaster University
SELECT is partnering with Engineers Without Borders to co-organise this year's annual Global Engineering Conference. Follow us on Twitter for upcoming meetings, and email englead[at] for more information!

*SELECT members and McMaster Engineering students at large are involved in many events and conferences (as usual). Find out more about professional association chapters, departmental groups and MES-related events by talking to your MES reps, faculty and departmental staff!


Majority of SELECT members are very active outside SELECT, in student societies and teams, community volunteer work, and more. Feel free to ask the Ambassadors about various opportunities.

2014-15 Ambassadors

Chair: Greg Kruzel

2013-14 Ambassadors

Chair: Kalia Akkad
Negin Balaghi - Mentorship Leader
Michele D'Mello - Events Leader
Greg Kruzel - Mentorship and Recruitment
Saif Myageri - Media and Events

Co-Ambassadors (Tier 2)
Hamsy Balasundram - Global Engineering Conference
Sudipta Das - Publication
Connie Pelligra - Module Management
Rohit Subedi - Data Analysis
Scott Xiao Chen - Events Logistics

2012-13 Ambassadors

Anton Gallego
Michele D'Mello
Haoyu Li
Samaher Ramzan
Kalia Akkad
Ankur Uppal
Therese Zamora
Owais Hashmi
Emily Reid

2011-12 Ambassadors

Daniel Guidoni
Ben Kinsella
Kalia Akkad
Samaher Ramzan
Brian Jamieson
Rahul Bhagat
Emily Au