Biomedical Engineering Reserach


Faculty members in the Faculty of Engineering are all active researchers, many of whom are internationally renowned in their disciplines and well funded by granting councils and industry.

The Faculty continually upgrades its research infrastructure, including state-of-the-art buildings, laboratories and equipment.


McMaster engineering professors receive the highest level of research funding per faculty member in Canada. They are involved in research Centres of Excellence, consult with industry and government, and contribute to internationally renowned institutes in all disciplines. McMaster's engineers are in an enviable leadership role in research and graduate education. This results in state of the art knowledge being passed on to undergraduates.

McMaster Engineering, by many measures, is the most research-intensive faculty of engineering in Canada and we expect to see an increased emphasis on interdisciplinary research.

Research will more frequently employ teams of graduate students and research professionals, and will be undertaken in close collaboration with industrial partners. Partnerships include joint funding of industrial chairs, sharing research equipment, transferring intellectual property and consulting.