J.W. Hodgins Lectureship - Past Lectures

Dr. Philip A. Lapp, "From Satellites to Sawmills", High Tech Industry in the Service of Canada’s Resources
2nd 1984-85 Dr. George Sinclair, "Super-Ceramics, Canada’s Next Growth Industry"
3rd 1985-86 Dr. Marc Garneau, "Canada & the Space Program - What’s Been Done? What’s coming?"
4th 1986-87 Dr. David Parnas, "Why the Star Wars Software Won’t do the Job"
5th 1987-88 Dr. Lou Siminovich, "Genetic Engineering & Medicine"
6th 1988-89 Dr. Alvin Weinberg, "Energy & the Environment"
7th 1989-90 Dr. Ursula Franklin, "The Future of Engineering - Will it be about Things or People?"  Dr. Franklin also led a discussion on "What Undergraduate Curriculum changes are needed for the Foreseeable Future"
8th 1990-91 Dr. Wm Clark, (1) "Usable Knowledge for Managing Global Climate Change",
(2) "Sustainable Development of the Biosphere"
9th 1991-92 Dr. W. H. Vanderburg, (1) "A Different Technological Strategy for Canada : Creating a more Sustainable Way of Life While Improving our Economic & Social Prospects", (2) "Preventive Engineering based on an Ecology of Technology"
10th 1992-93 Dr. J. Fraser Mustard, (1) "Technology, Primary Wealth Creation in a Changing Global Economy", (2) "The Innovation Process"
11th 1993-94 Dr. Nancy Leveson, (1) "Engineers, Computer & Risk", (2) "High Pressure Steam Engines & Computer Software"
12th 1994-95 Dr. Thomas Brzustowski, (1) "Beyond Tomorrow - Shape of Decisions in a Changing World", (2) "Productivity, Innovation & Design - The Role of the Engineering in Securing our Economic Well-being"
13th 1995-96 Dr. Alan G. Davenport, (1) "Why Worry About Natural Catastrophes?", (2) "How the Wind Shapes Structures"
14th 1996-97 Dr. H. Douglas Barber, (1) "Engineering, Liberal Education, Work & Health", (2) "Engineering Education - Prepared for What?"
15th 1997-98 Dr. Wallace S. Read, (1) "Reliability & Quality in a Restructured Electric Utility Industry", (2) "The Challenge of Leadership for Engineers"
16th 1999-2000 Mr. Henry Hengeveld, (1) Climate Change: Why Alla the Fuss?", (2) "Dealing with Climate Change: Can We Engineer a Solution?"
17th 2000-01 Dr. Roger A Blais, (1) "Engineering: An Art, a Science, or Something Else?", (2) "innovation & Technological Entrepreneurship"
18th 2001-02 Dr. John Charles Polanyi, "How Discoveries are Made, & Why it Matters"
19th 2002-03 Ms. Carol Stephenson, "After the Bust : Rebuilding the Trust"
20th 2003-04 Maurice F. Strong, "Engineering the Future"
21st 2004-05 Dr. Robert Langer, "Biomaterials and How They Will Change Our Lives"
22nd 2005-06 Prof. Dr. Albert Maringer, "Designing the Future"
23rd 2006-07 Raymond Moriyama, "In Search of a Soul: Conceptualizing, Designing and Realizing the New Canadian War Museum"
24th 2007-08 Howard Shearer, "Nuclear Renaissance"
25th 2008-09 Dr. Vicky J. Sharpe, "Sustainable Development, Cleantech and the Canadian Landscape"
26th 2009-10 Dr. Gilles Patry, "The Future of Engineering Education"
27th 2010-11 Dr. Stephen Elop, "The Mobile Future"
28th 2011-12 Dr. Andrew Benedek, "Water, Energy and a McMaster Spin Out"
29th 2012-13 George Roter, "Human Development at the Crossroads: An urgent immodest manifesto to transform engineering, to give society the engineers we deserve"
30th 2013-14 Dianne Craig, "Automotive Future"
31st 2014-15 Dr. Peter Kilpatrick, "The Purpose of Higher Education"