You know what you want the future to look like.  Now it’s a matter of making it happen.

Graduate studies may be the step that will help you achieve those goals.

Study at the Master’s and PhD levels provides you with the opportunity to pursue specialized knowledge, collaborate with industry and research organizations on real-world projects, and gain access to expertise, funding and state-of-the-art facilities.

Graduate degrees can open doors to a wide variety of senior-level positions in industry, government, and academia, at home and abroad, which are intellectually and personally rewarding.  These positions may be oriented to research, management, teaching, or all three.

Many of our students have noted that graduate study is a completely different experience from their undergraduate years.  There are only a few classes to attend and much more time spent on research and applying theory to practice, to gain valuable work experience. 

There is also more one-on-one work with professors, advisors and collaborators.  And you are much more in control of your time.  It’s more like a job.  In fact, you can actually get paid as a graduate student.

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Discover Hamilton

Areas of natural beauty surround a vibrant art scene in the city centre — discover Hamilton, Ontario. McMaster University is situated in west Hamilton, just minutes from the impressive Niagara Escarpment and on the doorstep of Coote's Paradise.

Bike paths connect the University to the city's core as well as the numerous waterfalls and natural destinations that dot its perimeter. Known as the "City of Waterfalls", there are over 100 waterfalls to see, many within biking distance of McMaster University.

Discover some of the destinations in Hamilton a short bike ride away from McMaster University.

Industrial PhD

McMaster Engineering PhD students now have the option of earning a doctoral degree while staying on the job. The flexible Industrial PhD option enables students to remain in their own company or research institute and use labs at work to complete their research and eventual thesis. The new option will cut down on the time it takes to complete a PhD for those trying to balance a career and studies. Currently, doctoral students who remain on the job take about seven to ten years to complete their degrees or about twice the time it takes their full-time peers.

McMaster Engineering - Videos

Learn what some of our Engineering students and faculty have to say about graduate studies at McMaster.

Discover smart systems engineering research at McMaster.

A breakthrough by Engineering students at McMaster University will enable people all over the world to determine if their water is safe in seconds.