Moving to Level 2

Your experience in Eng1 will allow you to explore different engineering disciplines so that you can make a more informed decision of what upper year discipline you would like to study. 

At the end of your first year, you will choose one of fourteen program disciplines.

Students can also choose one of the five-year programs by selecting the Engineering & Management, Engineering & Society or Engineering and International Studies options. The Management option combines the requirements of Mac's 4-year engineering program in your chosen discipline with the core requirements of a commerce degree. The Society option adds study in areas focusing on social implications of engineering and non-technical electives.  The International Studies option will develop graduates who are better able to function globally, with an appropriate background and sensitivity to historical, religious and cultural contexts.

McMaster also offers extremely flexible co-op options designed to suit a wide variety of student interests. Each of our 44 engineering programs can be taken in a co-op version, providing valuable work experience through traditional career-related co-op summer employment and longer term internships.

Students wishing to pursue a Computer Science path have two choices: the Honours Computer Science program or the Business Informatics program. A co-op option is available for each of these Computer Science programs.

Follow the links below to find out more about the different programs, disciplines and options.