Studying Engineering at McMaster



Make the most of your experience while studying engineering at McMaster, both academically and socially.  Gain the knowledge, experience and contacts that will help you excel in your career and in life.

Choose programs and courses that best meet your needs and interests.  Discover the wide variety of scholarships and awards available through the generous contributions of benefactors and donors.  Explore co-op, career and graduate study opportunities.  Utilize the services that will help you complete assignments and guide you in your searches.  Engage in a multitude of student clubs and activities.

The Faculty of Engineering strictly abides by the Student Code of Conduct (SCC) to provide a safe and secure environment that promotes the educational goals of the University. It is the responsibility of all students to understand and abide by the Student Code of Conduct. McMaster Engineering places primary importance in creating a community where individuals demonstrate respect for one another. Please refer to Student Code of Conduct guide for more information.