Administration Contacts

Phone Number: (905) 525-9140
  Title Name Extension Email
Dean's Office      
Dean of Engineering Ishwar K. Puri 24900
Director, Administration and Finance Nancy Balfoort 24289
Director, Outreach and Community Engagement Arlene Dosen 27283
Manager, Public Relations Monique Beech 27082
Manager, Information Technology and Services Michael Curwin 24455

Manager, Staffing Administration Amber Bukata 26134
Finance Manager Vania Loyzer 24310
Faculty Advancement Officer Terry Milson 27391
Executive Officer & Executive Assistant to the Dean Andrea Colbert-Degeit 24900
Administrative Assistant to the Dean Diana Maltese 24288
Advancement Coordinator Acacia Rose 26759
Financial Administration Assistant Joy Coomber 26986
Social Media & Digital Content Coordinator Ciara McCann 20074
Associate Dean's Office, Academic      
Associate Dean of Engineering Ken Coley 24646
Assistant Dean (Studies) Maria White 24646
Manager, Strategic Recruitment and Enrolment Victoria Larke 26531
Administrative Coordinator,
Engineering 1
Samantha Kandilas 26230
Administrative Assistant Karen Winger 24646
Undergraduate Student Advisors:      
Engineering 1, Computer Science levels 1–4 Jennifer Hamilton 24646
Bachelor of Technology Programs levels 1-4 Hannah Abram 24646
Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Engineering Physics, Materials Science & Engineering Darlene Hayward 24646
Mechatronics Engineering, Software Engineering, Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences Brennan Conry 24646
Electrical Engineering, Electrical & Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, exchange students (incoming and outgoing) Sally Williams 24646
Associate Dean's Office, Graduate Studies    
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Engineering Michael Thompson 23679
Administrative Assistant Sheryll Competente 26517
Associate Dean's Office, Research & External Relations    
Associate Dean of Engineering John Preston 26556
Research Support Coordinator Sarah Anstett 27129
Engineering 1      
Director, Engineering 1 Program Colin McDonald 24646
Level 1 Instructional Coordinator Jessica Anderson 21163
Alumni Relations, Manager Carm Vespi 24906
Engineering Research Machine Shop, Lead Hand
Clealand Berwick 24296
Engineering Support Services, Supervisor
Janet Delsey 27291
Departments Administrator Extension email
Chemical Engineering Kristina Trollip 24762
Civil Engineering Joanne Gadawski 24746
Computing & Software Laurie LeBlanc 22887
Electrical & Computer Engineering Kerri Hastings 24826
Engineering Physics Robert Laidler 24474
Materials Science & Engineering Jane Mah 24293
Mechanical Engineering Leslie Kocsis 20282
Schools Administrator Extension  
School of Biomedical Engineering Morgan McDonald, Administrative Assistant 23486
W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology Yvonne Maidment, Business Manager 26403
Programs Administrator Extension  
Engineering & Management, Director Emad Mohammed 26997
Engineering & Management, Administrative Coordinator Anna Sciascetti 27679
Engineering & Society, Director Cameron Churchill 27214
Engineering & Society, Administrative Coordinator Anna Sciascetti 27679
Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences Program, Program Manager Alexa Huang 24548